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Centuries ago, Rajah Brookes and their officers would jump onboard the Malay Sampan to traverse between town centre as their palace were built on the opposite side of the Sarawak River. The Sampan had plied the river long before the White Rajahs’ arrival. Today, you can still enjoy sight-seeing cruise in the Traditional way, in our local ‘Gondola’ along the Sarawak River where the adventure, the modern history herewith began.

Pirates or Warriors ? You decide !

How about being a Pirate or a Warrior cruising in our Iban War Boat? The Iban had fought many battles with the Rajahs’ regiments and were famed for their fearsome head hunting expeditions and riverine raids. Their leader, Rentap was one worthy opponent of the Rajah and a respected Hero and Freedom Fighter. You’ll have different perspectives of Kuching from the cruise. Either Pirates or Warriors, is your choice; depending on which sides you are on. The Iban fought for their way of life but in the eyes of the Rajahs, they were pirates and vice versa. Take a leisure ride and see for yourself where you stand. Click ‘History’ or type ssoonz.com/history for details.

Picture: $5 old note of The Kingdom of Sarawak during The White Rajahs’ era,

worth a lot more today due to the historical values.

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for a Cruise down MEMORY LANE – PRICELESS !

…merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!